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Project for Passageway at Pallars 95 bis-99

Project for Passageway at Pallars 95 bis-99

This is the project for the new construction of a pedestrian passageway between C/Pallars and the corner of C/Almogàvers and C/Zamora. This passageway resolves the pedestrian connectivity between C/Pallars and C/Zamora, given that the underground passage of C/Zamora running underneath C/Pallars, a consequence of the railway route, until now had forced people to use the stairs or the lift.

The passageway is practically flat, with a 1.5% longitudinal slope. At both ends of the passageway, and as a result of the steep slope of C/Pallars, C/Zamora and C/Almogàvers, we triangulate the slopes in the connections with the main streets.

The party walls of Can Feiner form the southern façade of the passageway, we adapted the design to the building’s refurbishment and integrated its emergency exits.

We have designed a passageway but also an open space, a green space with biodiversity. A pleasant place to spend time. The sunlight is very good, the south façade is one storey high. The paving, suitable for road traffic, is made of 10x20x10 cm architectural concrete paving stones, laid staggered with a cement joint and with a strip of grooved slabs as signposting for the blind. At either end of the passageway there are two newly constructed entrances for the passage of service and fire vehicles. In C/Zamora, which is a pedestrian street, a counter-slope is planned to allow the Can Feiner emergency exit to function correctly and to provide easy access to the passageway.

Near the Can Feiner boilermaking workshops, we have placed a green strip, a parterre approximately 3.0 m wide, which has continuity with the façade of Can Feiner.

A planting of medium-size trees shades the benches and marks an alignment in the passageway while a planting of ground-covering species adds colour and visually enriches the space.

At the chamfered corner of C/Almogàvers and C/Zamora, the passageway opens up, gains dimension and becomes a pedestrian green space with a gently sloping triangular slope of a total of 115 m2 that delimits C/Zamora. In the triangular parterre we transplanted 3 existing holm oaks, and in the tree pit a small tree that gives continuity to the alignment of the passageway. The parterre also provides for ground-covering species in the sunny area. In the central space there is a shaded seating area with benches and chairs for pedestrians to rest.

In order to guarantee safety at night, gates close the passageway in the section bounded by C/Pallars and the Can Feiner boilermaking workshops.

Type of project

Urban Development Landscaping



Surface area

1269,65 m2


PGI (facilities design), JFG (structural design)


Compensation Board for the Urban Improvement Plan for the island delimited by C/Almogàvers, C/Pamplona, C/Pallars and C/Zamora (Junta de Compensació del Pla de Millora Urbana de l’illa delimitada pels carrers dels Almogàvers, de Pamplona, de Pallars i de Zamora)


22@ Barcelona


Rafael Vargas