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Primary Healthcare Centre Castelldefels

New Primary Healthcare Centre Castelldefels Tender

The building is conceived as an open but intimate architecture that contrasts with the hermetic character of many hospital spaces. In a plot that sinks into the topography and with programmatic requirements that call for using up the available volume practically in its entirety, the main challenge of the proposal is how to bring in natural light and ventilation in a way that is compatible with the complexity of this ensemble. The building is staggered, naturally resolving its meeting with the topography and is also set back to generate a square at the front where the entrance porch is located.

The new, compact and material piece opens up through three courtyards that break up the monolithic nature of the complex, improve the interior conditions and separate the different routes. Its presence is softened by a continuous porch that gathers the users and ties the blocks together. The façades of the courtyards and walls incorporate ceramic latticework, so typical of the Castelldefels area, to guarantee privacy.

Each programme block has its own access. The strategic placement of only 2 cores optimises the surface areas and allows programmes to be easily sectorised when operating at different times. The different healthcare sectors are clearly organised by floors to make it easier for users to understand and to reduce the number of internal routes, whether for the public or restricted. Space is reserved on the avenue for healthcare transport.

The proposal prioritises speed of construction and high durability. A perimeter recycled steel structure is proposed, stiffened with rigid reinforced concrete cores. The 9 m span of the bars built is bridged with hollow core concrete slabs of standard dimensions, optimising the structure, freeing the floor from interior pillars and preventing the overhanging of beams that would interfere with the passage of facilities. The area below ground level and retaining walls are proposed in reinforced concrete with recycled aggregates.

Consultation and waiting areas have natural lighting and cross ventilation. The incorporation of passive strategies and the use of prefabricated elements reduces the associated environmental footprint. Balconies and latticework ensure protection from sunlight using geometry. The green roof, photovoltaic collection and rainwater recovery for cleaning contribute to reducing the energy demand and environmental impact of the proposal.

Type of project

Fittings and facilities



Surface area

3.818 m2


Pau Vidal (architect), Bernat Pedro (architect), OTHERSTRUCTURES, Eletresjota Tecnics Associats (facilities design)




Castelldefels, Barcelona